Thinks she can blog …


Technically, this is my second post because I put this up previously and I inadvertently deleted it.  I think while in the process of updating the site and making it look all fancy for us (warning, I will at times refer to myself in the 3rd person).

I think this post is long over due and it just needs to get put up at this point so I can feel like I have started finally and somewhere.  This is what happens to a master procrastinator.  Starting this blog is for various reasons that I have been pushing around for a long while.  A short list of some that might bring to light my intentions and what you could face here with many hidden surprises of course.

        • I make lists.
        • I start projects.
        • I have many unfinished projects.
        • I collect things of various nature, not all are tangible.
        • I research.
        • I take a lot of pictures.
        • I want to believe. (covering many topics)
        • I am into time travel.
        • I drink too much coffee.


I felt Sweet Dreams was the appropriate partner for the first post and it will represent my blog well.  The lyrics are great and explain things in a much more fashionable way then I ever could.  Thank you Eurythmics.